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The Classic Box by Fancy Panty Copenhagen, showcasing a curated collection of hosiery including tights and knee highs in various shades, elegantly presented and ready for travel.

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Classic Box

With a selection of classic tights and knee socks, our customers are perfectly prepared for every occasion without any effort. Our Classic Box is a must-have in every wardrobe.

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MyStyle BOX

Build a box as unique as you are. Mix & match up to 20 products from our entire collection - all colors, all styles, just the way you like it.



  • What makes fancypanty so special?

    At Fancy Panty København, we blend high quality with fair pricing, ensuring women no longer have to compromise on their legwear. Our products not only enhance wardrobe organization but also increase durability. Say goodbye to tights getting knotted or damaged by other clothes and accessories. Choose Fancy Panty København for longevity and style in every step.

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