About Us

Fancy Panty København is a new fine leg wear brand from Copenhagen, Denmark. It wasfounded in 2022. Our production is located in Italy and has over 60 years experience in fine leg wear production and so we work with high standards and EU certifications and a very high value on yarn with high quality.We also have a subsidiary in the New York, USA.

How do we stand out from others?


Price-quality ratio

Fancy Panty combines high quality and good prices, so that women no longer have to make compromises when it comes to leg wear.


Careful storage in special boxes

By carefully storing them in our rationally designed boxes, our customers can prevent damages and create order and an overview in their wardrobes. This way we increase the durability of our product, for example tights are not get knotted and stick to other clothes or accessories anymore.


Individual packing

Tights are almost always offered in individual packaging.


Our approach is less plastic

With the opening of every single package, which is usually made entirely or partly of plastic, we continuously produce plastic waste. That’s why we completely avoid using plastic as packaging material, from production to the customer. Our high-quality boxes are refillable and reusable.


You can reuse our packaging boxes

Our conveniently designed boxes can serve you for a long time to neatly store your tights in the future.